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My Life in Transition: 01/03/21

My Life in Transition

My Life in Transition by Julia Kaye is the follow up to Super Late Bloomer: My Early Days in Transition (2018). This volume focuses on the next year or so. Kaye covers relationships, being out at work, and getting her name and gender legally changed.

The nuts and bolts of being trans — namely the coming out to coworkers and the legal paperwork were the most interesting to me. The paperwork especially should be easy but there's always one last thing. Things that should be separate end up hinging on something else. There's always that one last account or that one last document.

The coworkers and friends bit too is relatable. How often do you have to remind people of the new name and correct pronouns. How much of that is forgetfulness vs. bigotry? Who are the surprises — the ones who are instantly accepting that didn't seem like they would be vs. those who should be and just never do?

The part of the book that fell flat for me were the numerous panels devoted to relationships. That's on me and my own lack of relationship experience. I just didn't connect with the emotional blowback when relationships failed. Nor do I have any experience of dating in the internet era.

Four stars

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