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Clobbered by Camembert: 02/06/19

Clobbered by Camembert

Clobbered by Camembert by Avery Aames is the third of the Cheese Shop mysteries. It's wintertime and Charlotte is getting her stall ready for the upcoming festival. Into the mix of this planning chaos, an old friend of her mother comes to town to start a honeybee farm to compete with the town's current farm. And then she ends up dead.

In cozies, when someone new suddenly returns to town, they will end up dead. They will also end up with closets full of skeletons. Pretty soon everyone in town (or at least the half dozen or so who feature in the mystery) have motives for murder.

Before Kaitlyn Clydesdale died she cast doubt on the story of death of Charlotte's parents. I realize the tragic backstory isn't something unique to this particular series, but I do find them rather tedious.

Ignoring the avalanche of dirt Clydesdale had on people in the town, the identity of the murder is pretty obvious. In that they pretty much broadcast not only that they did it but that they are EVIL. Yet it takes Charlotte to the penultimate chapter to notice the murder prancing about giggling to themselves.

The fourth book is To Brie or Not to Brie (2013).

Three stars

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