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I Date Dead People: 01/10/19

I Date Dead People

I Date Dead People by Ann Kerns and Janina Görrissen is the fifth in the My Boyfriend is a Monster series. Nora Reilly and her family have recently moved into an old farm house. Nora is delighted with the old place as it's the perfect atmosphere for all the old books she loves to read.

Nora and her love of all things old has a connection to the house and to one of its oldest residents, a ghost boy named Tom Barnes. She and he fall in an awkward love.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family is being plagued by other "residents." Between Tom's death and Nora's family moving in, the house had a dark history.

Of the five books I've read so far in this eight book series, this one is the weirdest. It's morbid. Nora comes across as depressed and possibly suicidal, so much so that Tom even mentions her weird obsession with death — and he's the ghost.

Then there's this side plot about evil ghosts or demons hiding in the extra-scary end of the house. The previous books haven't been quite so split brained plotwise. Usually the protagonist's family isn't a big part of the narrative, with the focus being on unconventional, fleeting paranormal romances.

The sixth book is Wrapped Up in You by Dan Jolly (2012).

Three stars

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