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Comments for How to be a Canadian

How to be a CanadianHow to be a Canadian: 06/08/07

How to be a Canadian is a humorous look at all things Canadian. The book is short and broken up by topics covering thinks like Canadian English / Canadian French, the geography, history and so forth. The book was written by Canadians for Canadians but is also very funny for its quips about American culture.

The book is funny enough to read out loud. I read most of it to Ian. It's especially funny to us since Ian's brother and sister-in-law are now living in British Columbia.

Some of my favorite pieces involved ways to spot the American in disguise (saying 'huh' instead of 'eh') and the jokes about the difference provinces. The description of PEI is perfect (it's run by Anne the dictator).

So if you know a Canadian, are a Canadian or want to be a Canadian, get yourself a copy of this book.

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Comment #1: Sunday, June, 10, 2007 at 16:50:55


"I've heard of this and thought of reading it. It sounds very funny."

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